Hand Dryers

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In most cases, drying your hands with a hand dryer remains the most hygienic and economical solution in a washroom. You neither need to supply and wash towels, nor constantly refill and dispose of paper towels. If required, additional fragrance sticks can even provide a fresh ambience in bathrooms and toilets. You are choosing not only a very hygienic alternative, but also saving a great deal of time and money.

Our Stiebel Eltron electronic hand dryers are manufactured in Germany and have an extraordinarily quiet operation. In addition an intelligent IR proximity sensor switches the unit ON, when you hold your hands 6 to 12 cm below the air outlet, and OFF again when you remove your hands. Their robust casing protects the delicate technical interior against damage. Their design also prevents objects, such as cigarette butts, from being deposited on the casing.

Their most important features are:

  • 1800 W connected load
  • Casings made from impact-resistant plastic or diecast aluminium
  • Air flow rate 146 m³/h
  • 220 - 240 V
  • Operating noise 54 dB(A)
  • Available in alpine white or signal white finishes

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